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Hi, I'm Karen Stojanovic

I have worked in adult social care for many years with qualifications in Social Work and Occupational Therapy.  I have also studied Health and Life Coaching, Holistic Therapies, and Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition.  Through deep listening I can help you to release negative thinking and limited mindsets which are potentially weighing you down.  As these layers lift, your true light can begin to shine.

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Dandelion Seeds



I am a strong believer in the concept of innate health and happiness.  I have come to my own sense of inner peace, being able to appreciate the beauty in every day things and to focus on the love available in every moment.  It was not an easy journey, sometimes we need to weather the darkest moments and experience deep suffering, disconnection and self-contempt before realising that the easiest thing in the world is to let go.  We all have infinite value and innate beauty as beauty comes in many forms.  When we stop trying to conform to what we think we need to be, to be happy, happiness finds us.  It’s that simple!

Coaching and Readings


Our physical body is an incredible gift though which we can experience the world.  Release judgement and the need to obtain perfection through punishment and deprivation.  Embrace a positive relationship with nourishing food and find movement that you enjoy.  As you connect with your body’s natural wisdom you will find the path to innate health.

Healthy Vegetables


Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality and have the power to create harmony and wellness or disease, distress and dysfunction.  Learn to cultivate a mindset of peace and acceptance, bring your thoughts and emotions into balance and harness the unconscious mind to manifest your heartfelt desires.


Why dandelions and orange hawkweed? – Both common weeds!  Remember the magic of blowing on a dandelion clock as a child?  It is only our perception that changes.  As we release judgement, we can see the wonder and beauty of the world again.  As we awaken to the light within, we can appreciate that our true essence is a tiny part of an infinite universe of unconditional love.  We are always cared for and always held.

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In addition to coaching, I offer card readings which take approximately 90 minutes.  They do the following: -​

  • Enable you to connect to your own intuition

  • Provide loving guidance, insight, validation and perspective

  • Do not predict the future or contain any fear-based messages or images

White Plants


I had 12 weeks coaching with Karen and the experience was amazing.  Thanks to Karen's coaching style I'm feeling much more confident and altogether healthier

Pacharo Chinamulungu

Karen is an exceptionally professional coach.  During her training I willingly volunteered to be coached by her.  To my amazement her coaching was far from that of a a trainee.  Her depth of knowledge spans across various aspect of health and well-being.  I highly recommend Karen

Katie Dawson-Brown

I have now had two readings with Karen and both were excellent. I left feeling uplifted and positive about things. Karen has a warm and kind personality which puts you at ease and she really takes time to listen and to talk through the reading. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Karen gave me a very accurate card reading, she is highly intuitive and passionate about her work. She has a kind and calming nature so I felt at ease throughout the reading, I would definitely recommend her to get your card reading too



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